Its a nice feeling when you create a piece of street art and see it the next day on your way to work. But if you are a projection artist and working only under cover of night, these moments are only fleeting and disappear with a flick of the projector.

Outlines is an attempt at immortalising urban digital artworks through the medium of tape-art, which saves the skeletal remains of the low-poly, audio-reactive projections. Each triangle is outlined with tape in a manual reconstruction of the 3d visuals, using human hands to print the image onto the wall.

Outlines was performed and shot around the backstreets of Redfern and made possible to our MPU trike, which allows us to project anywhere on the go. Special thanks to Nick Clark (MPU) for getting involved in the project and helping-with-the-taping.





urban safari

the beardy nature watcher.

the trike master


when projectors sleep, tape stays awake.