Code on Canvas is a creative technology studio specialising in interactive experiences.

"If there's one thing you should know about Code on Canvas, it's that they have an office dog, and she's great. Also, there's a rat's nest of ethernet cables in the corner that we try not to think about."

— Jackson, Dog.

About Us

Founded by electronic arts nerds Lukasz Karluk and René Christen, Code on Canvas is a Sydney-based creative coding studio specialising in interactive experiences across installation, mobile, VR and the web. By illustrating and animating with code, our work makes complex data and interactive systems engaging.

Our team understands the importance of prioritising concept and narrative, and are able to think creatively in a way that is informed and inspired by – rather than tethered to – our technical expertise. We work direct to client or partner with other organisations working with museums and cultural institutions, brands and corporate clients, musicians and artists. We strive to remain flexible and are able to embed ourselves within existing teams to extend their capabilities and get the job done, whether this is through concepting, pitching, designing, developing or installing.

We work with a variety of technologies, ranging from low level technologies such as C++ programming and circuit design right through to higher level technologies such as 3D game engines, mobile and web development. This enables us to execute just about any idea that we or our clients come up with, whether it be experiential installations triggered by movement, mobile AR applications responding to location or multi touch kiosks to explore beautiful data visualisations. Our ‘plug and play’ approach to development makes for easy installation and maintenance at one off events or for permanent exhibition.

Founders Lukasz and René bring together over 30 years of experience working with museums and cultural institutions such as the Australian War Memorial, Powerhouse Museum and Museum of Contemporary Art; advertising and corporate clients such as Google, JC Deceaux, Telstra, Cisco, PwC and numerous automotive companies; international musicians such as, Flume, Brian Eno, Karl Hyde and more. We even create our own art, products and platforms. But don’t take our word for it. Have a look through our work to see what we’re all about and get in touch.

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