Augmented art platform.

EyeJack is an Augmented Reality platform for Artists, created by Stu Campbell and Code on Canvas' Lukasz Karluk. The Augmented Reality technology has the magical power to evoke wonder, challenge your perception of reality and provide a new perspective and sensory experience.

Code on Canvas has been involved from the very beginning in designing and developing the platform. The product has grown and matured over the years, exposing us to the full gamut of product development, growth hacking and product marketing. We continue to grow the EyeJack platform, staying on top of the latest AR developments, infusing innovation into the world of Art.

EyeJack App

The EyeJack App for iOS and Android is where people can experience the magic of augmented reality using the EyeJack camera. The EyeJack app is also linked to the EyeJack Creator tool to allow artists to create and test their own AR animations.

EyeJack Creator

EyeJack Creator is the easiest way to make Augmented Reality Art. Artists create their Augmented Reality Art on their desktop computer and use the EyeJack App in tandem to preview their work in AR.

Try out EyeJack Creator for yourself.

White Label Apps

The EyeJack white label app allows clients to have their own branded Augmented Reality (AR) app. The app incorporates EyeJack’s own Augmented Reality technology and can be customised for your special needs.

Prosthetic Reality

45 artists from around the world were invited to explore the possibilities of Augmented Reality Art: An art form that allows digital art to superimpose physical art. The book is both a showcase of the art form and a historical document that captures the first wave of Augmented Reality Artists.


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