Google Think 2020

Visualising Google Search Trends.

For Google’s Think 2020 VIP event, we were tasked with building a rich data visualisation that allowed C-level executives to browse Google Trends data for their company in relation to other companies and industries over time in a novel, engaging and insightful way.

Users swipe their RFID tag to begin the experience and are automatically met with a personalised greeting. Search terms relating to their company and industry come to life and they are invited to explore further to learn more. They can tap on circles representing search terms, sized according to their popularity to see how they compare to the industry in the given moment. We explored a few different approaches such as machine learning and T-SNE algorithms before settling on this clear circle packing design with client.

At the bottom of the screen is a timeline going back 3 years where by clicking and dragging the user will see the keyword data animate in response to changing popularity over time. As they do this the 2D visualisation tilts and becomes 3D as it shows these terms growing and shrinking in height to indicate their popularity at that point in time. They are able to stop at any point in the timeline to tap and explore the terms further. The kiosk was a great success at the event. So much so that we were asked to create a desktop version that Google could take with them to their VIP clients.