Interactive Storytelling

Collection of interactive stories made with Sutu


Polaxis is a story about a paranoid time traveller who writes about all his strange experiences in his private journal. All his conspiracy theories and secret information, he hides away in a layer of Augmented Reality which can be accessed via the comic books accompanying iOS app. The comic is a great example of how technology can be used to enrich a narrative and in this case the AR goes perfectly with the overall concept and truly compliments the story.


Nawlz is a Webby Award winning, 14 episode cyberpunk comic book series. Nawlz combines illustration, text, animation, interactivity and atmospheric sound design to create an immersive cyberpunk adventure. Nawlz has been recognised by the European Academy of Arts as a pioneer in the field of Motion Comics.


FWA Winner and Kirkus Reviews Book of the Year. NEOMAD mixes live action film with animated interactive comics in a 3 part Space Opera set in the Australian Outback. Users can tap the speech bubbles to hear live dialogue and swipe the page to trigger animations, and sound effects.

Warlu Song

Warlu is an interactive story book inspired by an ancient Australian Aboriginal song. The app features an interactive song mode to learn the song and toggle between English and the Yinjibarndi language. It also features a short documentary film about the making of the app.


Ngurrara is a JMAF award winning interactive storybook. It features interactive audio narration to allow readers to toggle between English and the Ngarluma Aboriginal language.

Echidna and the Dress

The echidna only visits when there's important news! Based on a true story by Troy Eaton, this interactive storybook explores the cultural and spiritual connection between a young man, his Nanna, an echidna and his country.

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