Myer Elf Vision

Augmented popup book and Myer store treasure hunt.

Augmented Reality (AR) has had a big year in 2017 and we finished the year off working with Clemenger BBDO(Melbourne) on the Myer Elf Vision app. It brings the Myer Christmas characters to three-dimensional life across catalogs, gift cards, Instagram walls, an in-store AR treasure hunt and, most notably, a children’s storybook, The Completely & Utterly, Absolutely Perfect Christmas.

Code on Canvas was commissioned by EyeJack as their Creative Technology Partner to develop the AR mobile app. Much of EyeJack's existing UX and learnings were adapted into the Myer project as the basis for the initial design of the application, before handing over to Clemenger for final designs. The final product was an iOS and Android app titled Elf Vision, which allowed the public to unlock, record and share the AR experiences.