Natural Interactions

Augmenting the Australian bush.

Natural Interactions is the current artistic focus of Code on Canvas Co-Director, Lukasz Karluk. The ongoing project explores ways of connecting digital experiences to the natural world. LK uses the latest in AR technology and photogrammetry to create virtual experiences that tell a story of our organic and digital worlds colliding.


Skittles launch a bio-marketing campaign with engineered fungi spores.


Terraform is a new pilot program to combat climate change. Genetically modified alien species have been introduced into the earths ecosystems to capture and process harmful gases. The project has been described as the earths emergency respirator, a desperate attempt to help it bounce back from its alarming decline.

Pearl Machines


Extraction of the charged ore from the ancient rock is an extremely volatile process, susceptible to combustion at the slightest bump. After lasering the rock, the sample is lifted by drones in a gravitational net which reacts with the rock salts, creating a shimmer - the Shims as the local operators call it.

Radio Mounds

Scans of the termite mounds revealed a signal originating from the nest below the ground and radiating up the mound, like a radio tower, communicating with nearby colonies.

Bush Mirror

Luminous fungi found under bark of eucalyptus visualise the network activity of an entire bushland root ecosystem. When stimulated with an electrical charge, the surface illuminates for several minutes. The local elders call this the heart of the bush and use it to predict environmental cues.


Parasitic AR infestation latching onto host trees are causing the bush to glitch out. Not much is yet known about the distortion but it seems to only effect trees exposed to one specific bushfire that happened some 20 years ago.

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