Art installation for the Australian Design Centre

Australian Design Centre commissioned Lukasz Karluk to create a interactive installation for their 50th anniversary and launch of their new space on William St. Part mural, part interactive projection – Pipelines – is a continuation of Lukasz’s fascination with interfacing and augmenting the urban canvas.

Generative design was used to grow Pipelines around 3 large A-frames, following a number of growth rules and circumventing obstacles (see video below). Each A-frame contains a letter of the ADC acronym which creates a central chamber inside which the content of the Pipelines spill into and combine to create iconic images of the ADC disciplines.

6 icons were designed by Code on Canvas that underline the cross-disciplinary nature of design practices at the ADC. Once a chamber fills up completely, the particles combine and solidify to reveal the full icon design.

Pipelines generative growth.

Pipelines icons design by Code on Canvas.