Snake MMP

Massively multiplayer game of Snake

You’ve heard of MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) gaming right? MMP (Massive Multiplayer Projection) is a new term we’ve coined to help describe our latest Snake the Planet! incarnation. Our aim is to basically open up a game to the public and cram as many players onto the one projection or screen as possible. There is no player limit and the persistent leaderboard keeps track of the highest scores.

Game entry is super simple. We’ve hacked the captive portal interface on mobile phones so all you need to do is connect to the Snake wifi network and you automatically connect to the game. The game controls popup on your mobile and you then swipe in the direction you want your snake to go. Pretty simple! We’re very proud of this interface.

Snake MMP uses the javascript library for managing the game connection to the player’s mobile device. The game itself is made with OpenFrameworks, which under the hood uses OpenGL graphics rendering and Box2d for the physics engine. The rest of the code glue holding everything together is super adhesive Code on Canvas love and innovation which goes into all our projects.

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