Volvo XC60

Augmented photography exhibition.

Code on Canvas partnered with Yakkazoo as part of the Volvo XC60, Shake the World Gently campaign. We designed and developed an Augmented Art app which activated large printed photographs at the Volvo XC60 touring exhibition.

Taking inspiration from the “Shake the World Gently” campaign slogan, we designed a unique and playful mechanic for activating the AR photographs. When participants first viewed the photographs through the app, they appeared like undeveloped polaroids. Then, when shaking their phones (gently) the photographs developed before coming to life with animated video content to tell the story behind the image.

“Perhaps the most seamless implementation I’ve ever experienced. The overall theme and the AR/VR combination worked a treat. So a big thank you.”

— Lorraine Maroun / Head of Brand & Retail Marketing / Volvo