Rain Run

Guide your cloud through the air currents and collect rain drops to win.

Simple Controls

Jump straight in; all it takes is a tap of the screen to navigate the storm's drafts. But with Play Portal, you’re not the only cloud in the sky. Watch out for other players while you aim for a high score!

Go with the flow.

Stay calm as you navigate through the storm. The drafts will carry your cloud in all different directions, but a few puffs of air will keep you in control. Trust the wind to carry you to where you need to be.

Take a shortcut

Pipes will carry you to hard-to-reach spots on the map, but you might want to avoid them if you’re cloudstrophobic! Look ahead to where they’ll take you before jumping in. Who knows where you’ll end up!

Collect the raindrops

Score points by collecting raindrops, and dump them all at the end of the level once you make it through the storm! The local leaderboard will keep your points in perspective; are you carrying a little drizzle or a torrential downpour?

Sparks will fly

Collide with other players for a crack of thunder and lightning! You both might lose a few raindrops in the process, but it’s worth it for the light show.